We Help Cannabis Businesses Get Noticed

We are a software company specializing in supporting black-owned cannabis entrepreneurs

Cannaba is a technology and social impact organization that is building an application that helps users easily locate cannabis information from a mobile device. The user will be able to quickly find cannabis dispensaries and doctors in their area, along with other information. Our differentiation is our focus on helping black-owned businesses. 

We bridge cannabis users to local dispensaries

Our software app brings customers to cannabis businesses and specifically highlights blacked-owned suppliers

Our Mission

Cannaba fights to decrease disparities in life outcomes for marginalized communities and to address the disproportionate impacts of the war on drugs in those communities.  We do this by focusing our mission on helping people find dispensaries for cannabis that are black-owned.

Our Vision

We bring enjoyment and convenience to our customers, break down barriers to access, and cultivate community in everything we do. We are committed to creating a more diverse and sustainable industry through our social impact initiatives.

Our App Features

Discover Black-Owned Dispensaries

Our app has features to connect users with local black cannabis entrepreneurs

Local Event Lookup Feature

A feature where you can lookup by location any cannabis related event taking place in your area

Android & iPhone Capability

Our app is compatible with both android and iPhone phones and is very user-friendly

Search for the closest places

We have installed features on our app that will automatically find the closest black-owned dispensary, and we can can help locate physicians as well

Filter the required data

You can filter through our database by selecting the required data to be sorted you can Search within Physicians, Dispensaries, Black-Owned Businesses, or Products.

Search for the closest place

You have also the ability to review laws by State. And this will be in accordance will all the laws by state.

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Contact Us

We are more than happy to assist you by providing information regarding every question of yours. Please feel free to contact us and ask us about our work process, values, sustainable solutions, and how we are going to make your business grow.